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Simply put, these are the most unique beaded bracelets

Night Tiger Luxury 1.0
  • Premium Natural Stones

    Hand-selected, premium quality natural semi-precious gemstone beads for outstanding appearance.

  • Surgical Stainless Steel

    Polished 316L stainless steel metal parts with patented verroni design.

  • Flexible Cord

    Easy to pull on, hard to tear

  • Luxurious Aluminum Box

    Comes with an Italian fine wool pillow and a product card signed by the person who created your bracelet.

'It has been created by people who don't just make them for work but it's their passion...'

Mass production? No, Thanks! Only exceptional craftsmanship.

4 key steps of creating a verroni bracelet

  • Designing

    Each verroni bracelet starts it's life as a sketch.
    We design bracelets that you cannot find anywhere else, thanks to the patented verroni design.
    Handcrafted in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Selecting the prefect beads

    We only buy premium quality stones, but we still only use 60-70% of them. We triple check every single bead that we will use in your bracelet so it contains only the perfect ones.

  • Manufacturing the steel items

    We don't buy ready-to sell parts. Each verroni bracelet contains steel parts that are designed by ourselves and manufactured by experts. We polish each part after production.

  • Assembling

    The next step is assembling your bracelet and hand-sew the fine wool pillow for the luxurious aluminum box. The person who creates your braclet signs the product card as a final step.
    It is now ready to start a new life. On your wrist.

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'Wonderful craftsmanship. Love the bracelet.'

'Magnificent bracelet and incredible customer support.'

'Never seen such quality for the price.'

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